10 Tips To Looking Your Best For Headshots

I’ve been shooting corporate and acting headshots for a while now, and I’ve picked up a few tips that can really help out when having your photo taken. Lets face it, no one gives you any advice, so I thought I’d try and help you get the most out of having your profile photo taken.

1. Think about what you are going to wear

Try to steer clear of any graphic logo t-shirts or band names or funny slogans on your top.

Patterns and thin stripes don’t work too well on camera and computer screens. This is called the Moire Effect, when thin strips close together create a secondary rippling pattern. This is especially evident when an image is small on a screen.

Patterns which look cool on your clothes may just be a busy visual noise on camera. So if you can, think about wearing something plain that will look good no matter what size the image is.

Many portraits get converted into black and white. So something else to consider are the tones that you wear. For example, the pink tie with that light blue shirt may look great in real life, but by the time the image has been converted to black and white, they may be the same tone and just blend into one an other. Give consideration to contrast and tones, and if in doubt take a couple of shots of yourself in the mirror on your phone and convert them to black and white and see what looks good.

2. Shiny skin

Most of the time when a photographer comes into your work place and sets up a studio the chances are they will be using artificial lights. This is to ensure that they can get constant results from the portraits. This is great as they will usually set up the lighting to get the most flattering image of you. However one of the disadvantages of studio lighting is that it can often make your skin look shiny / glossy / sweaty / greasy. This is especially true in the summer when it’s a hot day. So ladies i’d recommend a bit of concealer / foundation. And gentlemen I trip to the toilet to wash your face just before you have your photo taken, or a quick wash with a baby wipe also works well.

3. Your hair

Many people arrive to have their staff photo taken having just rushed over from another office or separate building. Add weather to the mix and it can be problematic.

To the ladies with long hair, I’d always recommend bringing a brush with you to the shoot.

4. Make up