How to get the best from your Cake Smash!

Thank you, if you have chosen me to document the early milestones in your child's life. I strive to provide my clients with a fun photography experience, great images, a diverse product line and exceptional customer experience, all at an affordable price.

I've learned over the years, what makes clients happy and I've built my business around it. Specialising in newborn and through the first year, I have he knowledge and experience to safely handle your baby with delicate care. Please read through this post, to view ideas, information and tips to help you feel prepared.

When thinking about the time of your child's session, think about their routine. I would advise not booking at the time they usually have their nap. Once your deposit has been received, your date is secured. If you have chosen a cake smash, make sure you source your cake, and if necessary place your order in good time, and make sure you advise your cake maker or any allergies. If your child really doesn't like cake (yes, it happens!), then let me know and we can discuss a number of alternatives!

On the day of your cake smash, if your cake has already been collected, make sure you take it out of the fridge! Chilled icing is much harder to 'smash'!

Once you arrive at the studio, I will have everything standing by ready. The 'stage' will be set, and I have a changing mat and wipes etc., on hand. You might want to bring their favourite toys along that you can shake to get their attention and make them look at the camera, although I also have my own selection of rattles and shakers!

I am happy to take a few 'clean' images, before the cake is introduced to the set, so you may wish to bring along an additional outfit for these images.

Once the 'clean' photos have been taken, the real fun begins. Prepare for mess!

Prepare for NO mess! Some babies just don't like to dive straight in. That's fine. If this happens, be prepared to show baby what to do. Whilst a typical cake smash will last around an hour, there are no hard and fast rules; I will let the session for as long as it needs to, ensuring you get the best images possible.

If you are having a hard time finding outfits for your child, you can find some great ideas on Amazon and Etsy. And if your child doesn't like cake, that's absolutely fine. We can come up with other ideas. For example, a teddy bears' picnic, or just a play with those favourite toy.