Some time ago, I decided I wanted to write a blog. I wanted to travel the world, photographing women of every conceivable nationality in their every day lives. Then reality hit... I work in a local primary school, whilst trying to set up and run a small portrait photography studio in an attempt to realise my dreams. And then there's my husband, three teenagers and Hugo, our crazy 2 year old rescue dog. I won't be travelling the world any time soon.

However, I still had a burning desire to make my project a reality. But an extraordinary thing happened. You see, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that in actual fact I didn't need to travel the world. I am already privileged to be surrounded by the most inspiring women possible, on my doorstep.

And so my initial idea morphed. Instead, I would focus on the many successful women I have met, or have yet to meet, and tell their stories of how they have overcome obstacles and achieved great things. I have met women who have set up in business on their own, moved their family across continents, successfully embarked on incredible fitness and weight loss journeys, overcome physical and mental illness or disability... The one thing they all have in common is an incredible mind set that has allowed them to push past anything in their way to achieve their goals.

My blog, 'Inspirations' , aims to tell the stories of these women and their amazing accomplishments. It is a celebration through stories and images of the many 'faces' of women; the mum, the student, the career woman...

So, I invite you all to follow me on my quest to meet these amazing individuals, to read their stories, see their images and most importantly be inspired. It is both their hope and mine, that by sharing the tales of their ups and downs, that you might also be inspired. So go on, enquire about that college or university course, take that new job, start that exercise class. Remember, it is never too late to be the person you might have been. Oh and who knows, one day I might publish the book I've been talking about for years!

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