North Of The Wall

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

So who is your favourite Game of Thrones character? Think mine has to be Jon Snow! 😍

Here's a throwback to my trip to Iceland in 2017, bagging images for my Game of Thrones themed, "North of the Wall" shots. It was -LotsΒ°C and capturing images when your hands froze as soon as you took your top layer of gloves off (I was wearing three pairs!) was tricky; I went through numerous batteries, as due to the cold they quickly lost their charge, despite my best efforts of having them buried deep beneath my many layers of clothing. It was snowing like nothing I'd seen before, and we'd also been hit by storm force winds which added to the difficulty of getting the shots just right. β„οΈπŸŒ¨οΈ

Just me, chilling with my camera... literally!

Iceland is a such beautiful country; plenty of vast empty wilderness, boiling geysers blasting through the frozen ground, waterfalls, volcanoes, wild horses and an atmosphere of other-worldliness so amazing, that it has been used as the location for a number of Hollywood films including James Bond, Batman Returns, Lara Croft, Interstellar, Fast and Furious and of course the hit series GOT.

I felt so lucky to have seen it cloaked in white, and also fortunate enough during the trip to catch a glimpse, between severe snow storms, of the Aurora Borealis. We weren't sure that this little expedition away from the bright lights of central Reykjavik would go ahead, due to severe storms and blizzards earlier that evening.

I carried my equipment, cameras, batteries, GoPro, tripods, through the dark fields, lit only by the reflection of our torches against the white ground. We set up away from others who had also made that trip and looked upwards. At first, I wondered if I had imagined what I was seeing, but then we saw them, the Northern Lights, and watched in wonder as they grew from a faint glow in the sky, to magical dancing waves that seemed to be performing just for us. It was beautiful, whilst it lasted, but as we looked in the distance, we could see the rapidly approaching clouds, laden with yet more snow.

Reluctantly, as our private performance disappeared behind the curtain of cloud and snow, we packed up the equipment and hastily headed back to where our transport was waiting for us. I was still putting the tripod away as we reached the place we had parked and the snow began to fall heavily once again.

During our time in Iceland, we were battered by winds, rode to glaciers on snow mobiles through severe blizzards and in temps of -27Β°c and had the most amazing time. Our mission that particular day was to visit a glacial cave. The images I'd seen prior to our trip were amazing, and I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. But Mother Nature had other plans, and by the time we arrived on our snowmobiles in our orange survival suits, there had been so much snowfall and drifting, that once the entrance had been located by GPS, it was buried in over one and a half meters of the white stuff.

Unfortunately, our glacier hike and climb was cancelled due to the extreme weather, and that is one thing I was really looking forward to, in my quest to accomplish some crazy feats in my lifetime... but what an experience it was overall. This trip was certainly one I'm glad I'd ticked off the bucket list, and I really would love to visit again someday.

Looking forward, I'm hoping in the not too distant future, to visit another extreme landscape, the desert, for a number of reasons, and of course my trusted camera will be coming along too.

If you want to see some more images from our time in Iceland, there's a short film just here...

And you can watch our snowmobiling adventure on Langjokull glacier here...

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